YouTube Simple Gallery

YouTube Simple Gallery is a plugin you can create an area for YouTube videos quickly with management by shortcode.


  • Português (Default)
  • English
  • Français by Mermouy
  • Persian (Iran) by Pouya Abbassi

New Updates 2.2.0

  • Update English Translation.
  • Added Support FontAwesome.css in the Admin Page.
  • Added Persian (Iran) by Pouya Abbassi.
  • Added Playback quality in the video.
  • Added new features like: Show or Hide suggested videos, player controls and video title and player actions.
  • Added custom single page – “single-youtube-gallery.php”


Do you want help me translate this plugin for your language? Please, send me your file .po for my email

Installing the plugin

  • Upload the plugin to the wp-content/plugins folder or install using the installer of WordPress plugins ;
  • Activate the plugin ;

How to use

  • After activating the plugin you’ll see a tab called “Videos” on it you can register your videos with only the video link , the plugin will accept three different URL formats.
  • He already automatically generates the thumbnail of the video, but if you want to customize the thumb just add the same as “Featured Image”.
  • When activating the plugin automatically a page called “Video Gallery” that it will be found within the “Pages” tab is already created.
  • In it will contain an equivalent to this shortcode :
     [ chr-youtube-gallery order="DESC" orderby="date" posts="6" category="all" ]
  • This shortcode is the default, but if you want to change is just delete it and clicking on the same icon youtube play that opens an editor .
  • In the poup-up you will add as much as the Ordinances ” Descending – Ascending ” or ” Date – Name – Random “
  • For change the single video copy the file “youtube-simple-gallery > single-youtube-gallery.php” and paste inside of the your theme folder.



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    1. Your WP must need to be English… Because the default language is Brazilian Portuguese and has only English translate yet… but next version I will add French

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