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    Each YouTube video resides on its own page with WordPress comments enabled. YouTube video pages are automatically created when you insert the YouTube VIDEO ID on the video page. YouTube Video ID is a 11 character string that YouTube uses to uniquely identify each video. For example, the video at has the id 9K4uBRkFJEU. Using video thumbnail quality option for videos, you can change the dimensions of thumbnails offered by YouTube. For example, you can use an image 4:3 ratio instead of default 16:9. However, you should stick to this ratio for all videos. After you install our plugin you will see our setup assistant which creates all the required pages, ready to use. Two YouTube Video Gallery pages are provided: YouTube Video Gallery YouTube Video Grid Gallery YouTube Video Gallery Displays YouTube video thumbnail navigation at the bottom. YouTube Videos are paged after every 8th video. Page navigation is available. You can adjust the number of YouTube videos shown with a shortcode. For phones, thumbnail navigation is replaced with two large size PREV and NEXT icons. YouTube videos are ordered by the lasted video first
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